Gossip Girl – Uniform Style

June 12, 2008


When our favourite teenage Upper East Siders aren’t sipping martinis at Butter or plotting manipulative schemes ala Chuck-Blair (love!), they’re dutifully maintaining their top grades at the Constance Billard school and St. Judes School for boys.

As a friend noted, none of the main characters are actually wearing the official school uniform. Instead they’re all wearing these fashionable bastard versions, usually in their distinctive personal style. These prep schools sure have dubious rules, or perhaps it’s a rule overlooked if you can carry it off? Let’s take a look:


S with her cool jackets and loose tie, her amazonian stature and legs that go on forever make boots look amazing, and gives us mere mortals false hopes of looking as fabulous as her. I like her style best out of all the girls, Blair is a little too froufrou and Jenny too avant-wtf? for me.

Did I mention that I lovelovelove her boots?


Queen B, lover of frills and bows and classic chic. There is nothing remotedly tie-like about this ribbon thing around her neck, but she is Blair Waldorf and therefore she is exempt. Not a big fan of the colourblock tights, you need fantastic legs to not look fat in those, but Blair has a superhot body, so she gets by.

Jenny & Posse

Budding seamstress Little J has a pretty eclectic (and often experimental) sense of style which isn’t really to my liking. True to her character I suppose, it feels like she tries too hard. The Posturing Posse are a colourful bunch altogether.  Seriously, this show completely defeats the purpose of a uniform!

Chuck & Dan

Boys, being boys, show less customization of their uniforms. After all there are only so many decent ways to wear a shirt and pants, yes? Dan is more than relieved not to have worry about his lack of fashion sense on a daily basis. God forbid he actually wore something that made him… popular. Chuck as always has something ludicrously loud along with his trademark scarf (which *SPOILER* according to Blair, he never, ever takes off, not even when… like yeesh).


And of course there is sexy Nate (Chace Crawford), who could wear a sack and still look hot. Instead, his look is a slightly loosened tie and slouchy overall demeanor, does he not just look absolutely… guh.

Given that there are no seasons locally (other than hot and dry, hot and wet, hotter and wetter…) that warrant the perfect excuse for luxe outerwear to hide the otherwise plain uniform, our students can only resort to rising hemlines and falling belt loops to exude their personal style. I can’t imagine dressing up so much for school since my idea of waking up for class is a 5 min omgchangego! procedure. I rationalize that it’s good enough being there for class, least of all having to dress up!



  1. I would have loved to go to a private school just to accessorize a uniform, the options are endless!

    • Except, the thing is, when you do go to a private school, you aren’t allowed to accesorize. Well, other than your bag and hair. :)

      • well it is TV after all, we’re allowed to dream! =)

        My schools had uniforms too, but it just makes you more creative. Convenient safety pins, fancy hair accessories that could be hidden or whipped out as needed… even had friends who had perpetual plasters to cover up their piercings!

  2. hello, my first comment! =)

    I wish I could have done the whole trench and boots thing. Hell I still wish I can do the whole trench and boots thing now but it’s really hot…

  3. OMG! i wish i could go to private school!! actually hell i wish i could live in NY! Wearing heels in highs school would totally rock!!! (i’m senior junior high student but my school has about 115 students k-9…D=
    i hate it!!!)…oops know it sounds like i’m complaining…SRRY!
    total gg fan!
    catch you later!
    Ps. thats not my real name…

  4. i totally agree on the whole personalised uniform on the show defeats the purpose of a…well uniform…it’s kinda cool….and really unrealistic. though i would love my uniform to be like that.

  5. Yeah…been there, done that, got the tshirt.
    This only happens, of course, on tv.
    If you even attempted to be creative with the uniform at my school, you got detention and your parents had to bring in a fresh, normal uniform.
    Of course, we weren’t all rich socialites who could pay the office to let us dress the way we wanted either.

  6. I bought a few crossties from the gossip girl uniform that Blair and Jenny wear on ebay :) The seller accepts offers, I was able to get a deal on buying 2


  7. I am in a private school in germany but we don’t have school uniforms and i’m sure we never get one!
    I ♥ Serenas and Blairs style and Jennys, too!

    • Serena makes you think you can pull off such fab clothes so easily, but its hard to pull off her look as well…
      Blair is just always stylish in her Blair-way…
      Jenny… well I’m not a fan of the current punk-rocker-hipster look. I saw an old S1 picture of her and almost could not recognize that sweet young thing~

  8. […] The face and bare skin belong to Alessandra Torresani, a young veteran actress who is in fact a full 10 years older than that creepy ad would have you believe. She plays the series’ pivotal character Zoe, a rebellious, uniform-sporting 16-year old. It’s like Christmas came early, schoolgirl fans.  […]

  9. I had to wear a uniform, but my school would never have let me dress like they do. We had to do up our top buttons and wear the crossover ties that Blair wears. I would have loved to mix my uniform up a bit.

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