Taylor Kitsch as Gambit

December 3, 2008

This is like, the ultimate gift for all my TV-watching times.

My favourite X-men character of all time, the thieving card-throwin’ Cajun Gambit aka Remy LeBeau is finally coming to screen in the upcoming Wolverine movie.

Gambit, finally coming to screens near you

Gambit, finally coming to screens near you

And the kicker is? He’s played by one of my current eye candies, the droolworthy Taylor Kitsch, better known for his role as the slacker but hot Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights.

This is Taylor. Isn’t he pretty~

Taylor Kitsch aka #33 Tim Riggins

Taylor Kitsch aka #33 Tim Riggins

Like omg, *total fangirl moment*, dream come true!

Anyway, here’s a first look at Taylor as Gambit in the Jan 2009 issue of Empire:

(Picture taken from this post on ONTD)

Still hotness personified, but Gambit? I can see where they’re going but I’m not sure they’re there yet. Anyway that is a pretty poofy purple shirt – very unGambit. Also, where are the black/red eyes? Or are they going to do a ‘Storm’ in that it only happens when he’s using his powers?

Josh Holloway (Sawyer on Lost) was the one they were hoping to get to play Gambit originally, and I think he has that scruffiness to play Gambit more than Taylor does. Taylor might be a little young/clean for Gambit actually? I hope he gets the accent right, at least something like the X-men cartoon would be good.

I love Taylor but I’m praying he doesn’t ruin Gambit for me! Can’t wait for more pix to turn up – perhaps him in Gambit gear or charged card throwing action? PLEASE don’t change his costume, they better leave the brown trench and the bo staff…

I sincerely hope his Gambit is a success. I think if he manages to get his own spin-off (a spin-off from a spin-off? heh) Gambit actually has really cool powers (looks good on screen), interesting enough character and checkered enough past and ROGUE. Oh wait, movie-verse Rogue hearts Wolverine right? Dang! Gambit-Rogue is my OTP (one true pairing) in comic-verse x-men!

One more handsome Taylor to round up this post.

At least this is going to be a good looking show~

At least this is going to be a good looking show~



  1. Such lovely pictures…damn I miss Riggins…a month or so to go I guess! haha I don’t know enough about Xmen to know who Gambit is, but based on the picture you posted, it looks like possibly decent casting, lookswise anyway. Josh Holloway would have been awesome though. Sawyer…another man soon to return to my life!

  2. You’ll probably have had to watch X-men the animated series for some decent Gambit, or read the 90’s ( i think) X-men comics. Animated X-men was all cool, suave and a heartbreaker, kinda like Tim Riggins but a lot more steely because Tim is really a big ol’ softy after you get past the muscles and the beer~

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