Leverage 3×05 – The Double Blind Job

July 15, 2010

The team con a dirty Pharmaceutical company, Eliot beats up people who spill his coffee, and Parker has feelings for Pretzels. Really-bottle-shattering-type feelings.

Parker, Parker, AWESOME Parker. This is the first time we see her (and she realizes for herself) get completely jealous over Hardison fawning over some other sweet young thing! Poor Parker realizes that Hardison’s attention isn’t on her as always, and goes Parker-crazy about it. The bottle breaking scene was FAB. And her totally picking a fight just to vent, hee.

Of course what kind of show would it be if Parker confessed her undying love to Hardison right after, so she instead declares her feelings for… Pretzels. Hardison, fortunately, isn’t totally in the dark, as he hands over the pretzels and declares they will be there waiting when she wants them. AWW you big sweetheart! But seriously enough of the coy glancing~

Parker also gets to play a great sales person this episode. “I’ve got great drugs, do you want some?”

Eliot gets to be the charming grifter this episode, and poor boy is all worn out walking around and keeping the lady FDA agent busy while Sophie works her own grifter magic. FDA agents just aren’t his type. Her wanting someone well-travelled and risky and dangerous as Eliot fixed a smile on his face… hilarious! And Eliot beating up people who spill his coffee.. hee. But what is with the half pony-tail man. Let’s stick to all up or all down, no halfway in between!

We can also deduce this episode that perhaps Eliot might have done some ‘professional’ contract killing in his line as a Retrieval Specialist, given that he knows the secret spots and recognizes a pro job when he sees one. He’s also not one for subtlety. I did love Hardison’s line about why Eliot had to change his shirt:

“He got coffee on it. And some blood and some teeth.”

I am suprised though, that they let the client sit in for the behind-the-scenes work, even helping out Hardison with the doorcodes. What if she was a double-crosser!? That would make Parker so angry. In her special, angry, place.

Overall an enjoyable episode! No Italian this time around, though we see Nate ‘pull his weight’ as a thief, by putting himself in harm’s way to get the job done. Sophie was pissed at him for putting Parker on the line, but I see it more perhaps as a deep faith that Parker will get the job done, and that he would do anything to get her out if he had to.

And where’s my Eliot centric episode? I wanna see more high-school jock Eliot! Or better still, dangerous risky worldly retrieval specialist Eliot.


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